Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AMD, The Puppet Shows, and Mooshu!

We all want Beta Keys.
Except for me because I am already in Beta..

I know you want some though!

AMD now has a daily Facebook giveaway, each day giving away 40 closed beta keys for a total of 200 keys given away by the end of this week!

You can find their giveaway right over here:

Do not frown like a Monquistan who just lost a banana! No, no, no! You musn't do that because I am a Captain of the Pirate101 Twitter Watching for Cool News and have found this from one of my favorite Pirate101 Fansites, Stormgate Pirates!

So Stormgate Pirates, Legends of the Spiral, and Pirate101 Skyways are teaming up to make an ultimate Beta Key Treasure Hunt?

Interesting! I definitely can't wait to see this!

Next up, we have the Pirate101 Puppet Shows!
Pirate101 Puppet Shows are to help explain things along your way in the Spiral! They are funny and interesting.... and VERY funny!

Here is just one so I don't fill up this whole page with Puppet Pictures!

A Monquistan with a banana! Favorite Puppet Show yet!

You can find more Puppet Show pictures over here:

Third on our list is the new Mooshu Concept Art!

Let me show you my favorites:

This is Wan Mo! A monk in Mooshu who seeks perfection and enlightenment.

Here is a rich Noble Lady Goat! I would love to see some female Pirates wearing those clothes.. although that would be a bit difficult to battle in.

 Egg Fo Yung! One of the Pirate lords of the Spiral, who has retired but some wonder if he didn't meet a darker fate.

He looks very angry in this picture! Angry bird! With huge sandals!

Alright that's all Pirates! I hope to see you all in Beta and



Please do not ask Beta Players about Pirate101 because we will not (we should not) say anything about it until it is officially released to the general public! Beta Players, remember to not discuss, upload pictures or videos of Pirate101.

Legal action could occur!

Happy Skyway Sailing! Remember to take the Windlane, just to be safe!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Closed Beta is here!

Now I hope you are all as excited as I am! Closed Beta is finally here, and invitations are being sent all around the Spiral!

Make sure to keep a very close eye on the Pirate101 Facebook Page and the AMD Pirate101 blog for chances to get closed beta keys!

Also make sure to keep constantly checking your emails for invites! Remember to not say anything about Closed Beta if you are selected and playing!

Good luck to all!