Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thanks to All Me Maties!

I have submitted my blog to the Friendly Necromancer's and Pirate101 Central's blog lists. This should get more publicity to this site so I am very excited! Don't forget to check out their amazing sites in the Links section of this site.

This site has had over 1,000 views! I am so happy, thanks to all who is helped achieve this!

The "What's your Pirate101 Class?" quiz has been taken over 230 times! This quiz made with a huge amount of research on the Pirate101 Classes on the Pirate101 website and a lot of question making. 

New quizzes are coming soon! Please be patient, it takes a lot of research on the Pirate101 website and question thinking to make these. 

It has been exactly a week since Pirate101 has been announced to the general public. Still waiting for beta drawing winners to be picked, and I hope it's soon! 

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