Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sailing Through the Story of Pirate101

Site and Life News:

So to start us off, I can't seem to email it keeps give me a failure email notice. Is this happening to any of you?

I have added a few more pages to the site as you can see. My most popular one is the Quizzes page which my friend and I worked very hard on. It took a LOT of research on the Pirate101 website and a lot of question thinking.

More quizzes should be coming soon!

I will be making my own Pirate101 story soon, I am still trying to think of what it should be about.

No news on the Pirate101 beta "winners", I think they will be announced this week though (hopefully).

Pirate101 Blogging:

The Spiral Gate From Wizard101                          A Stormgate from Pirate101

They both can teleport/whirl you into a new world! You can get to the Spiral gate and the Stormgate the same way, by finishing the main quests of a world.

Ships in Pirate101 sail through a skyway instead of seas:

There can actually be enemies on these skyways, so watch out!
Fortunately, there is something called a windlane! A windline is a type of skyway that you can't be attacked by enemies, and sail your way smoothy through the vast air.

There are many different types of pirates, but one of them really caught my eye ;)

The Water Mole Pirates

You have probably seen these little guys in the Floating Land in Celestia in Wizard101. Now, they are in Pirate101 and consist of 2 tribes: 

The water moles of the Nui tribe are peaceful and are great traders..

The water moles of the Waponi are rude, worship a fire god, have silver hair, and hate the Nui Tribe.

.....typical water moles.

I can't wait to see how they are going to turn out!

Summarizing the State of Piracy in the Spiral

 It's a good time of exploration and adventure, everyone was happy, lots of trading. Marleybone, Valencia, Monquista, and Polaris became dominant, power, and wealthy. Grizzleheim and other realms were neutral, trading with all but not being really involved with empires, politics, etc.


Polaris declared war against Marleybone, Valencia and Monquista for greater power. It was almost certain that Napoleguin (Polaris emperor) was going to win, but Valencia's clockword Armada defeated him. Since this happened, ships started to have flags for signals, and "The first Pirates were born."


Pirates are thieves. Thieves steal. Captain Avery has a dream of transforming Skull Island in a Pirate Republic, the "Golden Age of Pircacy, where Wharf Rats

and Cutthroats

can make imperial navies tremble."

Valencia's Armada started to rise. Kane, the Captain of the Armada seemed to be having a plot of his own..
Now the Armada are hunting down pirates and "enforcing the law". 

Yeah...he's cool.

That's all for now! Comment, and follow this site please! Even if it's an idea or you just want to comment, please do!

And remember...

"Where there is a sea, there are pirates" -Greek Proverb.

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