Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Pirate Mind

There hasn't been much news about the winners of the beta testing raffle yet. I wonder when they will pick them, I am just so excited!

Do any of you have a guess on when the winners will be picked? How about when this game will come out of beta testing? Just comment on this blog post.

I think the winners will be picked May 5 and the game will come out of beta September 3. 

Also, please join this site! It would mean so much to me. 

Anyways, I have been reading on for a while now and found out a lot!

Here is a picture of how combat in Pirate101 looks like:

I'm really excited for that! I am thinking of becoming a Witchdoctor or a musketeer.. or a swashbuckler....

Oh, this is my dream ship:

The snake looks so awesome! I would totally like to be the captain on that!

Mooshu Ships?:

LOL at the little fighting monkey! This would definitely be my companion.

The Monkeys are from the world of Monquista:

Bow down to the Monquista king and queen!
Your average male pirate:
That's all I have for now! Thanks everyone, comment below and join this site! 

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