Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's Learn Combat and our Contest Winners!

Today, I want to talk about Pirate101 Combat!

In the beginning, it will most likely be very difficult to master, but you'll get used to it in time!

This is how a basic Pirate101 Battle Board looks like:

Battles begin with a planning phase! You have to select "squares" on the board to move or attack your enemy.

Enemies have a red background.
Your character and companion are fully under your control.
Inanimate objects have a brown background.
Other player's companions and characters will have a background unique to them.

In the picture above, it seems to be a Witchdoctor fighting against 2 Troggy Warriors. One of them seems to be named, "Roop".

At the top left hand corner, it is shows "Defeat All Enemies". This is what you must do to win this battle!

There are many other types of Victory Conditions such as:

Victory Conditions should always be appearing at the top left hand corner of the Combat Board.

If you win a battle, your enemies may drop treasure chests! If you see one, grab the loot within it! For more treasure, try teaming up with other players. 

You can use powers in combat!
Powers and Skills will probably appear on the lower part of the screen.

To use a power, click on the icon and select the enemy you would like to use the power against.

What happens if you are defeated? 

When you go into a zone, you are bound to something called a "Life Fountain" that is located in that current area. If you are defeated, you will appear back near the fountain to regenerate health.

I hope this lesson made it easier for you to understand Pirate101 Combat!

In further news, congratulations to:
Jacob Legendheart

for winning 2,500 crowns from my raffle!

Your codes will be sent via email.

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