Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let's Talk Companions! A Pirate's Best Friend!

Basic Information:
Companions are your "sidekicks". They help you with your battles. They range in appearance and they have all have different, unique fighting styles!

Each time you gain a level, you gain special training points to level your companion which will make them stronger and look even cooler!

Now for the facts:

1. Your First Companion is Unique to your Pirate's Story.

From some articles on the web about Pirate101, there have been quite a few that said when you are taking your character quiz in the beginning to determine what class you will be, it also asks you a bit about your Pirate's background!

2. Addition Companions can be earned through main AND side quests.

Now on Stormgate Pirates, there is a quiz and there is a true or false question that states:

Additional Companions can be earned only through main quests.
That is....


Since we know additional companions can be earned through side quests, it gives us a bigger boost to do side quests! In Wizard101, most people only do side quests for extra exp to level up.

3. You can choose your favorite or most powerful companion to be your sidekick.

4. You can order your companions to pick who is most likely to help you during a battle.

Now it seems that we will be having some sort of Companion chart in which you can move around your companions, see their stats, etc.
Maybe you can order your companions to have more than one helping you in battle!

5. Companions have special powers and abilities.

6. Companions can be trained and promoted.

To promote your companion, it says there are special Companion Promotion quests. My guess is that the more you want to promote a companion, the difficult the quest will become.

So from all of this, Companions seem to be quite interesting. They help you in a battle, they look cool, they are a Pirate's best friend!

Now, what do we already know is a companion?

First let's check out the Companion Slideshow!

First slide:

Goose... Ninja.. what....?

Maybe Captain Avery can help out!

Captain? Captain Avery?

It looks like he might be doing some laundry on the ship...

Let's check his Twitter!

Scrolling.... scrolling.... GOTCHA!

Goose Student Companion, Egg Shen!

If you go to Pirate101 Central, there is a similar name..:
Egg Fu Yen.
Oh here's another picture:

And another!

They are so... eggy! 


Now this is quite an interesting companion!

Look at him. All tough looking with his mustache.

In fact, it somewhat reminds me of a Kirin. The Unicorns with mustaches!

This companion is a part of the race: The Amber Horde

The Amber Horde are very brave fighters! You can find them in Mooshu.

One Amber Horde is named Subodai! He is exiled from the Amber Hordes but he is the strongest and mightiest companions out there! Yes, I said Companion!

There is a very high percent chance that this female Pirate's companion is the great Subodai! 

Next Companion!

Oh how perfect! A Monquistan Companion! It will be mine hopefully.

It looks like a Monquistan monk, probably from the city of Puerto Mico.

All Companions have certain attributes. Here are a list of them:

That's all for now!

The question for you Pirates is:

What Pirate Companion would you want?


  1. I think the female pirate standing next to subodai is a musketeer. You can tell by the musket on her back :3