Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yo Ho Yo Ho Combat is what I see!

Avast me hearties!

Mr. Coleman over on Facehook.... I mean Facebook uploaded some new combat images for our enjoyment!

First let's start with a non-combat image!

*Click on image to enlarge it*

It looks like your ordinary average Pirate with a Subodai companion about to talk to Sergeant Shepherd, a Marleybonian pirate!

Quest helper is indicating they are in the Temple of Gloom! Guessing from their environment, they are in Skull Island and not Valencia.

Now let's see those combat images!

Bonnie Anne is just looking pretty at the side while Subodai and Egg Fu Chen are battling those cutthroats like nobody's business! Sadly, Subodai's attack was blocked. Well, let's see how this turns out!

Subodai strikes back with a powerful attack causing the Cutthroats health to weaken greatly! Is it just me, or does not that look like an ordinary attack. Something is special about it!

Bonnie Anne decided to stop standing there and look pretty, and to go out to fight a Cutthroat! Now if you haven't noticed already, all of the Cutthroats have their own individual names. I have a feeling all monsters in Pirate101 will as well.

Bonnie Anne shouts with a monstrous sort of storm strike from her gun doing 15 damage! Has the Cutthroat been defeated?! We don't quite know yet, since Mr. Coleman hasn't released the next images of this wondrous battle! 

Oh the Pirating vibes that go through me when I explain these epic battles in Pirate101! It just makes me even more excited for what is to come! 

Thanks for reading Pirates!

Be careful on those skyways! Pick the windlane if ya know what's best for you! :)

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