Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Pirate101 Pictures!

Ahoy Pirates~
New Pirate101 Pictures have been released!

I am so glad they have released so many pictures in one day!

There are 4 pictures that were posted by One-Eyed Jack on Pirate101 Central!
You can view them here:

The next picture is from Mr. Coleman:

This is part of the Pirate101 Character Making progress, picking your gender. This is a picture of Boochbeard asking "Hard to say. You, there! You're standing on my blind side. Are ye a boy, or a girl?"

Well. It certainly is better than Merle's way of putting it!

From her clothes, I believe she is a swashbuckler or a buccaneer.

Now to talk about the pictures on Pirate101 Central~

The first picture is of a ship sailing through the skyway. It seems to be this pirate's first time flying!
Like Wizard101, there is the quest helper, but I wonder if "Skull" and "Island" should be spaced out... well this is in alpha after all so I am pretty sure it will be different in beta!

The second picture is with a Pirate standing in Captain Avery's office! You can actually see some items from the Emperor's Attic Pack!

The third picture shows a drop down of the Pirate's stats and information such as it's backpack, powers, companions and more! Oh, did I mention that he seems to have a Goat Monk companion?

The fourth picture is in Monquista. How do I know this? I just know. It is showing a level 35 musketeer's stats, and the quest helper is pointing to talk to Skinny Pete. The clothing this musketeer is wearing definitely looks like it's coming from Mooshu. Oh... and he has 999,999 crowns!


Alright, that seems to be it! I can just feel beta is nearing, I say it will hopefully be coming sometime in Mid-August, but I might be wrong!


  1. It's not going to be Mid-August. It's going to be July.

  2. Awesome, I just love sneak peaks! As for the beta testing date, I am 100% sure that by definition beta testing will happen after alpha testing is complete. And since alpha testing will not complete until they feel all the bugs have been worked out, I would guess that they may not even know themselves when beta testing is going to happen.