Friday, June 29, 2012

The Frogfather's Syndicate and the Yum-Yum Yummity Yum Yummers Fruits!

The Frogfather's Syndicate Pirates are a secret organization of smugglers, Pirates, and criminals that transport Yum and Yum-Yum fruit from Mooshu to the rest of the spiral. The Frogfather is fiercely loyal to his captains and terrible to his enemies.

So this Frogfather really knows how to smuggle. Yum-Yum fruit... yum-yum fruit.... yum-yum fruit?

Hmm.... I thought I saw something that looked like a fruit in the Pirate101 video tr-AACHOO

Now that I look at these more closely, they don't like mini ships! They look like fruit... with wings!

Although I could be wrong. I might have gone bananas for Monquistans who might eat bananas and just thought of this on a whim, but they are starting to look like fruit to me!

Oh.. notice how they are blue and red... 
Mana Wisp. Health Wisp.

Why do I have a feeling that those are not yum-yum fruit? Maybe they are just regular wisps....
Remember to eat your fruits! They are healthy for you!

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