Monday, June 25, 2012

The Desert of Cool Ranch! Chicken Wings!

Well howdy! Welcome to my blog post about the Cool Ranch! Don't you click that "X" button at the right hand top of the screen (Did you see what I did there?)! Stay here and read as we take an adventure through a desert of chicken rangers, buffaloes, and more! 

Cool Ranch. Yes indeed it is a Ranch that is cool, but it is not cool weather-wise. In fact it looks like it's really hot out there..

It truly does look like a wonderful place to live in... well for chicken rangers, Wild Bill Peacock, bison, etc.

AHA! What do we have here. Two wonderful skyways above the rocky deserts.... and the horse with the two guns! (The Stallion are distant cousins of the unicorns in Valencia, but they don't look as intelligent as them.)

The skyways over the river and the waterfall, how majestic! 

What in the name of Captain Avery's parrot is that! A buffalo with wings? CHICKEN WINGS? No it can't be chicken wings because that is not a chicken. It is a buffalo with wings. I am very interested to see if that is a mount...

Now we have a fourth world that has been announced to be in Pirate101 (although we knew about Cool Ranch but we didn't know any information about it).

You can read more about Cool Ranch right over here:

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