Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Ship Origins

If you haven't noticed already....

Ok, now you notice!

Anyways, I am making a new quiz and I hope you will all like it!

Now on to Pirate101 things~

I would like you all to take a look at this ship:

The symbols on this ship look very similar to the Monquistan symbol, so my guess is that this is a Monquistan ship that is about to enter a Stormgate!

Now look at this ship:

Octopi on the flags and this ship is in Valencia. I actually think this is a ship from Mooshu, the dragon and symbols on the ship look like it would come from Mooshu. If you can, please notice the green skyway that is at the back of the ship! I can't tell if this ship is on a skyway or not....

Now look at this ship!

There aren't any symbols that show what this ship is, but from it's structure it looks like a Marleybonian ship!

Now look at this ship!
Boochbeard's ship! It has to be Boochbeard, and it looks to me that Boochbear is a buccaneer!

That is all for now. Happy Sailing! :)

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