Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pirate101 Character Profile: Mr. Gandry

The Monquistan you see here is the famous Mr. Gandry. He was a born commander (A Privateer) and was a rising star in the Monquistan army.

He gained a thick Polarian accent (Polaris has accents... I wonder what they sound like!) and received the rank: Captain.

Mr. Gandry has teamed up with Boochbeard
but many say that Mr. Gandry is actually the brains behind all of Boochbeard's plans.

Mr. Gandry is Boochbeard's companion:

Boochbeard is being a scaredy-cat Pirate and running away while the brave Mr. Gandry destroys the snake!

It seems that they are in a dangerous ruin in Skull Island.

Aren't Monquistans wonderful? 

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  1. Hello, I am a level 23 musketeer, and I definetly agree. I have been interested in Monquistadors since I got Pirate101. Next time I get at least 6000 crowns, I'll get a Monquistan companion. Oh, I by the way, Monquistan Explorer or Monquistan Crossbowman.