Friday, June 15, 2012

My View of Monquista

My favorite Pirate101 world, you ask? Monquista! Pirates, this is a world filled with monkeys that have manners. Monkeys... with MANNERS! Now I have been doing a LOT of studying on Pirate101, and from the 3 worlds that have been announced on the Pirate101 website, my favorite world just has to be this one. They have been said to be a bit rude though unfortunately. Especially the king and queen, they look like they have been having a really bad day every day...

So I was on Twitter and saw this from our favorite captain;

The name of the Queen of Monquista is Queen Isadore! Here's a picture:

She is said to also be the queen of Skull Island, empress regent of Krokotopia, and lady protector of Polaris!

Wow, this woman must be pretty powerful. She is definitely rocking that beauty mark...(No.)

Now we shall have the King!

King Fernando! He is also the king of Skull Island, overlord protector of Marleybone, and Aquila.

The constellation? The standard of the Roman Legion that looks like an eagle?

Kind of reminds me of a drink...

Mr. Waiter, I would like some Aquila please on the double!


Zenda is a prison in Monquista. I thought Zenda was a name at first..
The prisoners in Zenda are said to have vanished when they were "corrected" by their tender mercies...

Love the monkey flags! 

That is all for now!

If you haven't seen it yet, I do have the Pirate Handbook on my site where you can easily find summarized information about Pirate101! I am still adding a lot of information to it :)

Pirate quote of the day:

"I have every faith in your reconciliatory navigational skills, Mr. Gibbs, now where is that monkey, I want to shoot something!" -Jack Sparrow

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