Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pirating Pirate Mind

I felt a disturbance in the Pirating world of Pirates in the Spiral. It was a voice! It called out to me... beta.... beta.... ARRGH IT BE BETA!!!

Yes, I have a feeling the Closed Beta Invitations will be coming this month!

Moving on to other things, Pirate101 is accepting fansites. If you have one, go submit yours now! You won't regret it in the future.

Next Topic..

Pirate101 won the Best Hybrid Strategy award!

Read more here:

I am going to be updating this site with some P101 Fankit stuff! Stay tuned, this blog is getting a make over!

Ok, so if I were to be anything in Pirate101, I would be a nice Monquistan. Don't you agree? I mean Monquistan's are really rude, but they do have manners. I would be a Monquistan that has manners and is kind! What would you be? *There is a quiz... take it!


  1. Arrrrr you just guessing about beta or do you have a definate source for the disturbance about beta coming this month?

    1. Just a disturbance... a guess you could say.

      ~Happy Sailing!