Sunday, June 24, 2012

Interview with the Star of the Spiral: Kelsey Fireheart

Kelsey Fireheart has recently become an official Pirate101 fansite owner. I got the chance to interview her and become very good friends with her! Here's the interview, enjoy!

Me: What was your reaction when you found out your site was becoming official?
Kelsey: Incredibly excited and thrilled, because I felt like my work is validated especially when I poured all of my heart into it
and of course I couldn't wait to help even more people which is my main goal every day. :)

Me: What class are you going to be in Pirate101?
Kelsey: Oh I like the Swashbuckler class. It seems to suit me well. I'm a very well rounded person.. Hope I turn out to be right lol

Me: What are you going to do differently in Pirate101 that you did or didn't do in Wizard101?
Kelsey: Hmm, good question. I am hoping to push the limits of what I can do and challenge myself more. I think I'll probably focus
on fewer characters this time. Qualitity than quantity lol Take it slower too, enjoy it more. Here, I feel like I'm always rushing. I don't
want to do that in Pirate101

Me: What are you most excited about Pirate101?
New challenges. I want to find new ways to make myself think and broaden what I can do. Without challenges, I do get
bored easily. So I'm really excited about learning new things.

Now everyone this is the most important question you can ask a person:
Me: Are. you. obsessed. with. the. Monquistans?..!
Kelsey: LOL.........
No, not really.

Me: Noooooooooooooo!!!!!

Well that ends my fun interview with Kelsey Fireheart! Check out her absolutely wonderful site right over here:

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